If the BEES go… WE go…


“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

It’s called Colony Collapse Disorder, when the hive’s inhabitants suddenly disappear, and all that’s left are a few queens and some immature workers.  We know it’s happening at alarming rates, what we don’t know is WHY.  It could be from the pesticides, or genetically modified food that effects the bees during their routine pollinations.  It could be global warming, or the high-fructose corn syrup farmers fedd them to help bee reproduction and increase pollination.  Recently it was discovered that bees won’t fly near cell phones — the electromagnetic signals they emit could interfere with the bees navigation system.

According to a CNN article,

In a study at Panjab University in Chandigarh, northern India, researchers fitted cell phones to a hive and powered them up for two fifteen-minute periods each day.  After three months, they found the bees stopped producing honey, egg production by the queen bee halved, and the size of the hive dramatically reduced.  It’s not just the honey that will be lost if populations plummet further. Bees are estimated to pollinate 90 commercial crops worldwide. Their economic value in the UK is estimated to be $290 million per year and around $12 billion in the U.S.  The East Coast of the U.S. is reporting a 70% loss in commercial bee hive habitation, the West Coast 60%; these figures are staggering.

what can we do to save the bees?

perhaps more importantly… what can we do to save ourselves??

One Response to “If the BEES go… WE go…”
  1. Jim says:

    There are bees everywhere in Northern Pittsburgh at the moment.

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