Welcome to The New Radicals

For a research paper I just finished on the media’s portrayal of eco-terrorism, I delved into media coverage of Greenpeace.  (Yes, my most recent employer– Ok, it didn’t last long, but still, I received 10 hours of Greenpeace training!)  In my internet research, I was surprised to come across a video that they had showed my “team” in training… a video to welcome us as “new radicals.”  But while the footage of the two short videos is the same, the soundtrack is quite different, making a huge impact on the way the viewer understands the message.

This is the first, “public” video, labeled, “You Get What You Give”

After some digging, I was able to find the video that I was shown during training, which is aptly titled “Instructional Video”

Just some SOUND for THOUGHT…


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