Henry Dallal – Photographer Profile

  • Photographing Her Majesty the Queen of England (and her horses) – CHECK
  • Photographing His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
    (UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai) and his Wife – CHECK
  • His Highness Maharana of Udaipur Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar (Indian Royalty) – CHECK
  • The world’s last active horse Regiment, India’s 61st Cavalry  – CHECK
  • Photographing for Incredible India Ad campaign – CHECK……
  • Dubai International Marine Club on traditional Dhow racing
  • Royal Cavalry of the Sultanate of Oman for a book
  • “Rejoneo” – The art of superb Andalusian horsemanship depicting the war horse in tradtional bull fighting
  • Grand Slam Tennis Tours at Wimbledon
  • Endurance Racing in Bahrain for a book commissioned by HM King of Bahrain


Henry Dallal has a resume any professional photographer, politician or equestrian would die for.  His photography focuses on travel, adventure, royalty, and equestrian subjects.  He has published his own beautiful, high quality photography books, as well as contributed to many other published works.  What I find most commendable about his work, in this increasingly digitalized age, is that he sticks to traditional film photography and does not edit or manipulate his work afterwords.  Not only does film photography take a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money, but it requires an incredible amount of expertise.  There is no screen to view how your shot turned out, there is no memory card to take infinite number of shots… the list of constraints behind film photography is endless in a world where technology has “enabled” many photographers in their creative portrayals.  Henry is adamant on his traditional photographic values, and sees his work as a science as much as an art.  Another one of his trademarks is that he can take a perfect shot at a full gallop.  For those of you that have ever sat on horseback, take a moment to imagine this incredible feat.

In speaking with Henry, who is a family friend, his love and passion for film is apparent.  I quite admire his grounding in film photography.  Beyond photography, talking with Henry can only be described as a joy.  He is an energetic, enthusiastic and engaged talker, who is eager to express his political views as he tells wild stories of his world travels and adventures.  Henry is quite easily one of the most interesting persons I have ever had the pleasure of talking with, and, despite the window into the luxurious world of royalty that he has captured, he remains humble and dedicated to pursuing his passions.

According to the biography on his website, http://www.henrydallalphotography.com, which details his life far better than I can attempt to…

“Henry Dallal is as passionate about his travels, as he is in sharing his photography of these places with others. Specializing in equine cultures and pageantry from around the world, he travels to remote areas to pursue his interests in mountaineering, adventure and experiencing different cultures.Originally from Iran where he was born in 1955, Henry moved to London from Colorado in 1994. Developing his interest in mountaineering and man’s companionship with horses, Henry’s journeys range from the nomadic tribes of the Turkaman Steppes to the Household Cavalry in Knightsbridge.  His father gave him his first camera at age 9 during an outing in the mountains of Iran, and his mother taught him how to ride a horse in those early years. His work has been feature and reviewed in publications all over the world. All of Henry’s photography is done as he sees it without digital manipulation. His prints are high quality archival cibachromes using traditional photography.”

Henry is a photographer that is worth following if a person is at all interested in politics, royalty, equine endeavors, travel, or the dying art of film photography…

All photographs used with the courtesy of Henry Dallal, to view more of his work, visit his website http://www.henrydallalphotography.com


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