On The Edge: Femicide in Ciudad Juarez

In light of the recent (and alarming) increase in violence in Mexico, On The Edge is an especially relevant documentary to watch.  The documentary covers the brutal murders of over 400 young women in Ciudad Juarex, Mexico.  Cuidad Juarez is a poor border town, with most of the economy dependent on foreign factories called Maquiladoras.  Many of the young women struggle to make ends meet working in these factories, and are often abducted in the twilight hours before their early morning shifts or coming home late at night; other women are abducted on their way to school.

These murders have been repeatedly ignored and gone unresolved by local police and politicians since they started in 1993.  In fact, one women who turned to local police for help reports being brutally beaten and sexually abused by authorities.  Despite the efforts of family members and activists, it has been nearly impossible to obtain justice for the victims; the traces of many of them are only dried bones in the desert.  If this sounds brutal, it is.  The documentary is a haunting account of how the abduction, rape and brutal murder of women in this border town is losing its shock value because it happens so frequently.  Unlike a murder mystery film, it does not follow a typical framework of suspense, but instead includes interviews, eye witness accounts and testimonials to help piece together a larger picture of what is happening.  The documentary sets out to explain the economic, social and cultural factors that have created such a dire situation where these brutal murders can not only continue to happen, but continue to be ignored.

WHY is this happening?!

  • Social sickness
  • Money
  • Corruption
  • Government
  • Drug trade
  • Global capital- outsourcing
  • Greed
  • Ignorance

WATCH the trailer for the documentary:


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