Photographer Profile: Kiera Lillesve

The work of photographer (pictured above) Kiera Lillesve, 21, gives us an idea of where digital photography is headed.  She has mastered both the technical aspects of the camera, as well as the complexity of Photoshop editing, while still managing to emphasize her own creative flare throughout her work.  Having both worked as a model for Kiera, as well as watched her work her magic throughout the photographing process from capturing shots to editing, I can attest to her talent.  Her creative vision is exemplary during her shoots, but is fully materialized after editing and producing a final product.  For anyone that has attempted to use PhotoShop, you will understand that it is as much a labyrinth of computer codes and jargon as a tool to enhance photography.  Kiera utilizes PhotoShop in unique ways: blending photos, adding graphics, designs and inspiring words and quotes.  Yet as intricate as her final photos can get, she also shows an eye for simplicity- some of her most beautiful shots are conventionally framed and  minimally edited.  Kiera is currently a student of the Art Academy based in San Fransico, and it is exciting to see where her talent will take her in the future!

Check out more of her photography at


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