Let’s get naked.  Or at least in a swim suit??  I actually vacationed with this ballerina turned model turned it-girl Dree Hemingway, not that she would remember now.  I can reminisce, however… It was in Hawaii over Thanksgiving about 10 years ago, we had rendezvoused in Kawaii with another family whom are mutual friends.  This was before I had established myself as an English major, and vacationing with Earnest Hemingway’s granddaughter, Mariel, was nothing to be excited about.  The two girls, Dree and her sister Langley, were the same age as my sister and I; we spent the week swimming, surfing and relaxing.  Lucky for me, I was too young to be envious of that model bod.  I have but seen and talked to the Hemingway’s a few times since, but I have seen many pictures of Dree in the fashion world, and always find her look to be fresh, young and edgy.  Her style is a great blend of vintage and high end clothing with a  New York meets European edge.  I’m hyping up her style and the free and fearless nature of an utterly feminine woman that she represents.  The fashion industry needs strong women, athletic women, stylish, edgy, women.  Regardless of your personal views against fashion/modeling, fashion is an inevitable part of life, and, more importantly, a source of inspiration, an outlet for creativity, a vehicle for empowerment, and a means to communication.  Ultimately, fashion is fun and important to watch in the scope of communication.  Fashion reflects the moment, the mode, the mood of the masses, and right now, Dree Hemingway is reflecting a positive shift in fashion as art.  Dree’s openness to embrace nudity, to see the power of a female body is something I find commendable.  It is an interesting discourse to look at her nude photos for “Purple magazine” and “Russian Vogue,” as the clothing aspect is clearly minimal.  Thus what is being promoted?  High fashion?  Female Sexuality?  I would propose that it is a hybrid of both- that this is art through the photographic lens; art that communicates a woman’s power through sexuality.  Though I would argue that a her [very thin] body is not highly sexualized, the pictures capture the beauty, power and sensual nature of a woman’s body.

Despite only having a distant memory of this family to draw on, I think I can say that creativity and boldness is in their genes…


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