The National

Driving to the barn early this morning, (yes, I consider 8 early, especially when we have run out of coffee), I listened to The National, one of my favorite bands.  I pondered their distinctive sound with political lyrics sung by a deep baritone voice.  Their music has a timeless quality, I discovered them and the band “Yaesayer” around the same time, however Yaesayer’s electro-pop beats quickly grew old while The National’s sound has matured like a fine red wine.  Their music is dynamic (love the piano!) and full of powerful ballads that allow you to listen smoothly to their albums for a while, (say an hour drive to Del Mar that should only take 15 minutes but you’re stuck in traffic…).  If you havn’t already, check out The National.  Also, they were big supporters of Obama’s campaign, which makes them pretty great guys, dedicated to a cause, perfect musical representation of this blog!

2 Responses to “The National”
  1. Thomas says:

    love the national

  2. Esteban says:

    They are the greatest!

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