Limbo for Those Who are Transiting

limbo for those who are transiting

jumbo-sized plastic breasts linked to arms

hands that hold jumbo-sized plastic

McDonald’s Coke Cups

the presumed germs is a small orange pill,

or a hint of white powder

the sound of a screech and halt

hurries out of the sliding doors

a swift transfer as casual as a handshake

a Mecca for the homeless

God-Bless-You” and the fingers

in impossibly tall heels, waving their canes

enough crazies for one day


beyond the border, the infamous and mysterious

line of barbed wire

staggering smell of sweat, feast

full-fledged pushers

claw at your back and rock into your side and

crane their neck

shopping cart


feeling any shame at the angry comments directed

an intelligent Caucasian quickly averts their eyes


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