I caught a fever… FEVER RAY

I am going to Coachella music festival and am excited to see so many of my favorite artists and discover some new talent!  FEVER RAY is the solo project of Swedish singer Karin Dreijer Andersson, and though she is not well known (yet) stateside, she is one of Sweden’s most beloved indie-pop singers and has had sold out European tours.  Listening to her music, viewing her photography and watching her music videos gives us a glimpse of the direction music is headed in the future, as well as a wonderful reprieve from the traditional “pop” scene.  The way she uses her voice to create fantastic, innovative artwork is alluring.  Her music delves into the subconscious, the house-infected beats have an eerie quality… The overall sound is starved, eerie, quaking, transfigured and progressive… there is definitely a dark side to this beautiful blond star.  Not sure what to expect at her show this weekend, which are renowned for crazy sets, dramatic outfits, intense makeup, lasers and other crowd-pleasing theatrics, but I won’t be surprised if it’s unlike any concert I’ve ever been too.  FEVER RAY provides me with odd, spooky eclectic artistic inspiration, tapping into a mold that it unique and self-aware.  I’m obsessed with her style, her sound, her courage to BE different and be BOLD.  I dig it…. I die…

3 Responses to “I caught a fever… FEVER RAY”
  1. keren says:

    Woah! that kind of looks hard core and Emo, but I like how they did the makeup! I’m a makeup artist so I know that’s not an easy thing to do!

  2. tzhang71 says:

    these make for an interesting dose of inspiration. great share!


  3. I love the makeup shots!

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