Up and Coming Artist: Nicoleta Kappatos

Profile on Nicoleta Kappatos:

This is what experiemental artwork is all about:

I’m really inspired and even a little obsessed by my friend’s artwork. its FANTASTIC!  i love her unique portraits and how they portray race/color/ethnicity and by over/under emphasizing features and colors to create beauty ♥ she challenges conventional notions of art, and says,

I wanted to try to work on material other than canvas recently so i bought tons of big pieces of scrap paper and started distressing them with tea, coffee, watercolors, and ink. it was actually a lot of fun! but i think im going to revert back to canvas. i recommend being really experimental because paint can be so versatile. next i want to work big and incorporate plaster casting into my paintings…next i want to do a series on body image.”

ill keep you all posted on this inspiring young woman’s artwork, and hope you enjoy her paintings as much as I do!

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One Response to “Up and Coming Artist: Nicoleta Kappatos”
  1. Thomas says:

    biggie smalls is the illest…after grandpa gus of course.

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