An Inconvenient Truth

Ya ya ya… we all know that Global Warming is a real an imminent threat (Take that, BUSH!!), and most of us have seen this documentary (either by choice or in a science class).  I think that Al Gore presents the data endorsing global warming in a clear and compelling way.  He revealed some facts that I have not heard from other media coverage, which he confirmed by saying some had never before been published or presented to the public.  One fact that I found especially compelling was that if the arctic shelf or Greenland’s glacier melts, the ocean will rise up to 20 feet.  This would be devastating to every coastal country, especially in Asia where population is so dense. (Not to mention it will reduce our college years at Mission Beach to a truly “forgotten memory.”)

One point that Al Gore made addressed the misconception that countries can’t be environmentally conscious and practice capitalism.  Gore showed that the two points are not mutually exclusive, and the countries can still be economically successful as well as make efforts to combat global warming.  In fact, Gore showed a chart demonstrating that the U.S. auto-industry would be more successful with more fuel-efficient cars.  This is interesting in relation to another great documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car,” where it is explored why alternative fuel sources and more fuel-efficient automobiles are not on the roads. China has seen success with imposing car efficiency regulations, but not the US.  If global warming is to be taken seriously as a global threat, there needs to be a worldwide effort made to halt activity that is harmful to the environment, especially with a consumerist population such as ours.

This documentary, while a little dated, was an EXTREMELY important catalyst for the promotion of the message of global warming.  OK, Gore may or may not have invented the internet, and he certainly did not invent Global Warming, but his activism and dedication to the cause is commendable.  Global Warming is as imminent a threat today as it was when the documentary was made.  Even though there is a lot less dispute and controversy surrounding the issue, hopefully people will continue to be engaged in combatting global warming and keep it at the forefront of activism.

Watch the trailer for “An Inconvenient Truth”

to find a free viewing of the full documentary just google “Watch an inconvenient truth free online”

One Response to “An Inconvenient Truth”
  1. Thomas says:

    This discussion from the founding theorist of the Gaia Theory just blew my mind…its episode 6 (James Lovelock)

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